2015 Fulcrum Racing Zero Nite Wheelset : 1382 km tested in Singapore, Desaru/Malaysia and Bintan/Indonesia

When Tony first got the Fulcrum Racing Zero Nite for his Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 7.0 and stealthily followed me on a ride in Mandai, Singapore, I didn’t realise he had new wheels until we stopped about 20km for a pit stop. After a lot of ‘oohing’ and ‘ahhing’ over the superb black PEO (Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation Treatment) treatment on the braking surface and countless messages on Telegram, WhatsApp and 1-1 chats, I just had to get the wheels for my Cervelo R3 which still had the stock Fulcrum 5.5 wheels after almost 2 years.

Photography - Andre Tan, Michael Ong & Tony Tan
Tony’s wheels - Purchased 30 October 2015- rode 1000 km
Michael’s wheels - Purchased 9 November 2015 - rode 1382 km


Ask most cyclists which would be their first upgrade and wheels is usually the answer. Quite a few of cyclists in our group consider the normal Fulcrum Racing Zero a solid and reliable set of wheels. What’s the difference in this Nite model?

A new braking surface that uses a ‘plasma electrolytic Oxidation treatment’ provides excellent wear resistance. This also means the wheels stops well in a range of conditions which we managed to test riding in both dry and wet situation.

The stealth color scheme of the wheels also matched both our all black frames very well and they come with a slimmed down front hub and a rear hub with oversized flange to increase stiffness. With Fulcrums ‘USB’ bearing technology, triple milled rims and bladed aluminum spokes, the wheel set comes in at 1,420 grams and showed its prowess on climbs.


Michael: Getting the wheels out of the wheel bags, I was immediately impressed by the build quality of the wheels. Having used the Fulcrum Racing Zero 5.5 which I considered bomb proof after riding almost 7450 km in them in various terrains - road, gravel, country roads, dry and wet conditions, I expected a certain quality from Fulcrum and was not disappointed.

After having the wheels for a good 4 months now and using them on Singapore's good road condition to Desaru, Malaysia with all of its construction and gravel to Bintan, Indonesia, the wheels still looked like they are fresh out of the wheel bags after a quick clean. The black PEO surface looked very resistant to wear and tear.

Tony: I was using a pair of 50mm carbon clincher before I decided to get a lower profile set of wheels. Due to injury, I found climbing tough on the high profile rims. The Fulcrum Zero was my first choice as it is a well documented all-rounder. A quick check on our favorite online website showed a pair of Fulcrum Nite on sale. It came with tubes and tyres at a very good price and it helped that it's all black which goes well with my matt black Canyon Ultimate. I bought it and have been using it ever since. There were concerns that the PEO surface will wear out after a while. However, this proved to be a fallacy as we did not face any issues so far. The important thing would be to replace the brake pads with stock Fulcrum ones when the time comes for a replacement.


Michael: I tend to ride in a variety of conditions from small loops around the neighbourhood to long distances of 200km and beyond. The wheels are stiff, light and fast. During climbs, I can feel how well they spin and they roll incredibly well thanks to the ceramic hubs. When heading downhill, I felt confident and braking response is immediate.

Tony: The real test with this pair of wheels was when we went to Bintan to ride the Dragon Back. The anticipation of the climbs and descends was daunting. However, once we started, it was obvious we can complete the challenge. Together with the 11-28 cassettes, climbs were confidently cleared and the downhill rolls that followed were fast and furious. On regular training rides, the wheels performed with superior comfort with their slippery rolls especially with the 25mm tyres.

We enjoyed these qualities of the wheels:


The build quality of the wheels are great and they are exceptionally built with a differentiated rim at the front of 26mm and 30mm at the rear to transfer all the power to the wheel. With carbon hub with oversize aluminium flange and Two-to-One™ technology: the doubling of the spokes on the cassette side provides greater torsional stiffness and therefore a greater reactivity at each pedal stroke. This means greater efficiency in the transmission of power to this type of road bike wheels.


Ceramic hubs roll really smoothly and with a redesigned front hub, it is smaller and lighter than before. The cap and cone technology maintains the most efficient angle of contact between the bearings and bearing seat, increasing the smoothness and durability. We loved how quiet the rear hub is and that they spin up to speed with minimal effort and rolled well.


At 1,420 grams, it’s a respectable weight for the level of durability and stiffness.


Both our Canyon and Cervelo bikes looked sleek with the Zero Nite wheels which made for great photography. It helped that our cycling buddies had endless positive comments on it - we made sure we ride fast and furious.

Where to buy

Fulcrum Wheels are exclusively distributed by:
18 Boon Lay Way
01-98D, Tradehub21
Singapore 609966
Tel: +65 6795 4320

1 Commonwealth Lane
01-14/15, One Commonwealth
Singapore 149544
Tel: +65 6475 4833

166B Upper East Coast Road,
Singapore 455270
Tel: +65 6242 8330

11 Woodlands Close
01-24 Singapore 737853
Tel: +65 6734 9972


If you are looking for wheels that works in a variety of conditions from climbs, descents to straights, take a closer look at this wheel set that provides stiffness, durability and looked awesome at the same time.




Front Wheel
RIM - Clincher, aluminium triple milled - 28/15c- height/width (mm) with 23/25 Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation Treatment (P.E.O.)
SPOKES - 16 straight pull - AERO - Aluminium
HUB - Carbon fibre, aluminium flange
NIPPLES - Aluminium
WEIGHT - 607g

Rear Wheel
RIM - Clincher, aluminium triple milled - 28/15c- height/width (mm) with 27/30 Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation Treatment (P.E.O.)
SPOKES - Two-to-One Ø2/1,5/2, Stright Pull AERO: 7 left, 14 right
HUB - Carbon fibre, aluminium flange, Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation treatment on freewheel
NIPPLES - Aluminium
WEIGHT - 813g

Wheelset Weight - 1420g

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