Bicycl Featured Rider - Arthur Lee

Who is the Bicycl Featured Rider?

The Bicycl Featured Rider could be a person that all of us know. The Featured Rider could be a friend, a stranger, maybe even a pro. They represent Bicycl and share our passion for cycling. One thing is for sure, the Featured Rider loves to ride. Maybe it could end up being you?

This week Arthur Lee is the Bicycl Featured Rider. We first met Arthur on a ride in Mandai a year+ ago and he was riding a foldie on our "SGFoldie" rides in which everyone had since upgraded to using road bikes. Arthur persisted in completing the ride and we learnt that he just recovered from a heart attack! Since then we have been on round islands and even to Desaru rides.

Words & Photos - Arthur Lee

Name: Arthur Lee
Lives: Bt Gombak, West, Singapore
Dream Bike: Specialized S-Works Venge
Favorite local ride: Specialized S-Works Roubaix

My current cycling goal is a minimum of 400km per month, and to reach my desired weight of 85Kg from cycling

When I am on the bike I only think of working out the legs, and sweating it out. No work, no pressure, only me, my bike, and my cycling buddies.

How did your love for bikes come about?

Suffered a heart attack on 15th Nov 2014. A good buddy of mine, Layna, was one of the first to visit me in the ICU after my Angioplasty. She encouraged me to pick up cycling, saying that it will only cost about $400 to start off with a foldable bike. I got discharged and in the beginning of Dec 2014, I decided to get myself a foldable bike and never looked back since.

Share a cycling memory:

In the beginning it was really painful. I realized I was in a very bad shape and I couldn't cycle for long distances. Layna was very encouraging and I took time off work almost everyday and went to Punggol waterfront with her to cycle. In the days she had to work, I cycled alone, enjoyed the sun and the views, and made improvements bit by bit. Those days were the most painful days of cycling I had, but the happiest.

I love to ride because…

When riding, there are no differences in the cyclists. You can be a CEO, a director, Manager, White / Blue collared worker and all of us will still be cycling together, encouraging each other and joking.
The benefits from cycling are also very evident. I’ve lost a bit of weight, gained some muscles and made some really good friends. It also pays when my girlfriend joins me and isn’t afraid of cycling on the roads.

Thank you Arthur for the chat and sharing of your experience! We hope that you enjoy this new series. Who knows, you might be the next Bicycl Featured Rider!

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Michael loves to travel and cycle. He has cycled in 7 countries and chat with many cycling enthusiasts about how they share stories. At Bicycl, he is the Product Guy.