Bicycl Featured Rider: Benn Kirkham

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This week, we feature Benn Kirkham, who enjoys cycling, trains hard for triathlon events and is an Ironman.

Words & Photos: Benn Kirkham

Name: Benn Kirkham

Live: Singapore, from the Gold Coast, Australia

Dream Bike:

TT: Canyon speed max CF SLX
Road Bike: Cervelo R5

Favourite local ride: Favourite local ride is the West Coast Kranji loop. The loop has long stretches with less traffic lights and riding up on the West Coast Flyover at full pace early in the morning is a great feeling.

My current cycling goal is to become very consistent with my weekly riding km's as I train for half iron man races around Asia and Australia. The more time in the saddle the better I can get for the races. I also commute daily to work which I enjoy riding on the streets of Singapore.

When I am on the bike it brings a lot of childhood memories of riding my bike back at home on the Gold Coast. I still love the speed and freedom cycling gives. It beats catching a bus or sitting in traffic every time.

How did your love for bikes come about? My love of bikes came from my mother and father in law. They love cycling every weekend and once I was married to my wife I had no choice but to join in and instantly I was hooked on cycling. I also enjoy learning about the bikes and looking after them - it drives my wife mad I currently have 3 bikes at home.

Share a cycling memory:
Having a ride along the Gold Coast with triathlon world champion Courtney Atkinson. Watching a true professional cycle so effortlessly is always an amazing thing to watch. These sort of rides can only make you a better rider so I take any chance to ride with people who can push me or give me some great tips.

I love to ride because:

  • It truly is a global social activity where you can take your bike around the world and ride with a local.I try take my bike wherever I am in the world and organise a ride.
  • It's keeps you extremely fit and a great low impact sport
  • Its a great way to start the day and get to work on a daily basis

Thanks Benn for sharing your story and all the best in your training!

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