Bicycl Featured Rider: Christopher How

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This week, we feature Christopher How, who enjoys touring.

Words and Photos: Christopher How

How would you describe yourself in 100 words?

An adventure seeker traveling with a backpack to seek out unique experiences. I cycle for fun and to enjoy the ride with friends.

How did you start cycling?

It started 3 years ago after I left my previous employment and did my first backpacking trip in Thailand. Ever since, I've been looking for the next big adventure. I eventually decided on a bikepacking trip in Germany so I bought my first Dahon foldie and decked it out with racks and panniers. The rest was history.

Have you always been cycling or taken a break before?

After my bikepacking trip in Germany, I've been commuting to work regularly on my foldie. It was only late last year when I decided to invest in a road bike.

Which is your favourite country to ride in, if any?

I'm stuck between Germany and Canada where I've traveled to both countries and brought along my foldie. Germany has excellent 1st world cycling infrastructure that makes cycling a breeze while my ride along Niagara Falls in Canada through vineyards was absolutely fun with all the wine tasting along the ride.

What is it about the country that keeps you coming back?

I haven't been back in Germany and Canada ever since, but I think it has to be the infrastructure that makes cycling safe and easy while drivers in those countries are more friendly towards cyclists.

Can you describe what a typical day cycling in your favourite country is like?

Wake up, wash up, cycle to the market to buy some groceries, head home to cook breakfast, and then ride out to a nearby beer garden for a few pints while lying on the soft grass. Then to finish off with a ride around town and back home.

How do you keep yourself safe (if you cycle on the road)?

Sufficient sleep the night before so that I am alert and aware of my surroundings. You can only cycle well but when you come across a dumbass driver, you need to be really alert to exercise defensive riding.

Are there any special equipment considerations for people who want to cycle in your favourite country?

Just a set of panniers and you're good to go.

What is your fondest memory of a ride in your favourite country?

It has to be the cool breeze and soft grass to lie down on when I'm tired.

And the most difficult moment?

Sundays. Because Germany basically shuts down a lot of stuff on Sunday and it's hard to even find food in the smaller towns. I ended up sleeping in the forest once, in my hammock.

What advice do you have for travellers who want to go cycling in your favourite country?

Just be aware of your surroundings and use common sense.

Thanks Christopher for sharing your fascinating story!

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