Bicycl Featured Rider - George Lee

Who is the Bicycl Featured Rider?

The Bicycl Featured Rider could be a person that all of us know. The Featured Rider could be a friend, a stranger, maybe even a pro. They represent Bicycl and share our passion for cycling. One thing is for sure, the Featured Rider loves to ride. Maybe it could end up being you?

This week George Lee is the Bicycl Featured Rider. We've known George recently through group rides and think its great that he has picked up cycling so quickly and enjoying each ride.

Words & Photos - George Lee

Name: George Lee
Lives: Singapore, SG
Dream Bike: Canyon Aeroad CF SLX 9.0 / Trek Madone 9.9

Favorite local ride:

Lim Chu Kang Road 40 lamp post, just a short sprint 3.3km distance and it's always quiet for traffic. Just love the peace and quiet road.

My current cycling goal:

To become stronger, faster to cover for longer distance rides and make sure I'm fit enough for other overseas cycling trip!

When I am on the bike...

This unique feeling called freedom. I feel wherever I am or wherever I am going. I never feel obliged to take the same route, I can choose where I want, when I want and how quickly. My journeys are not on anyone but just me myself.

How did your love for bikes come about?

Just started cycling since Oct'15. Influenced by friends, slowly got introduced to a bigger cyclist group and from there my love for bike start to grow stronger. Initially I thought I wouldn't have enough time for cycling due to my work schedule but now I'm always trying to find some time or even a short 22km ride I'm happy enough. I love the adventure that you find on every bike ride, and the amazing community of riders in our sport.

Share a cycling memory:

When I first got my entry road bike without any long distance ride experience, the next following day I went for almost a round island 100km ride with a few cyclist. After that ride, both legs muscle ached for probably close to 4 days and couldn't even walk properly for the first two days. Not exactly a bad cycling memory I had but because of this 100km ride, it motivates me to train harder!

I love to ride because...

My bike separates my mind from my life,​and after a ride I feel a sense of accomplishment even if I don't get anything else done the rest of the day.

Thank you George for the chat and sharing of your experience! We hope that you enjoy this new series. Who knows, you might be the next Bicycl Featured Rider!

Michael ONG

Michael loves to travel and cycle. He has cycled in 7 countries and chat with many cycling enthusiasts about how they share stories. At Bicycl, he is the Product Guy.