Bicycl Featured Rider: Lawrence Loh

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This week, we speak with Lawrence Loh...

The intrepid randonneur who makes our century rides look like a trip to the grocery store. A rider with lots of heart, and, with thighs to match.

Name: Lawrence Loh (Quadzilla)

Lives: Singapore

Dream Bike:
I don't have a dream bike because I believe it's the rider, not the bike, that matters. But I have a few dream races!

What's the ultimate cycling challenge you've ever done:
I have done a few cycling challenges like:
2010: Road trip on a bike - I rode from Singapore to China.
2012: The brutal Trans-Malaysia Express (TME) from Thailand down to Singapore to raise funds for A New Vision. (800km in 43 hours)
2014: Melaka and Back in One Crack. (525km in 23 hours)

I also enjoy the Audax series of rides, challenging myself to long-distance rides within a stipulated time.
2011 & 2015: Paris-Brest-Paris 1200km within 90 hours
2013: London-Edinburgh-London 1400km within 106 hours
2014: Perth-Albany-Perth 1200km within 84 hours

My current cycling goal is...
To qualify for one of the world's toughest cycling races - Race Across America (RAAM). I also want to cycle around the world!

When I am on the bike...
I feel free. I love the warm sun shining on my face, and the wind blowing through my hair. These are the sensations that make me feel alive.

How did you come to your current bike set-up? How does it work?

From 2010 to 2015, I rode my trusty Polygon 200. Training on such a heavy bike for 5 years was what gave me my quads today! I decided to retire it in 2015, as it was starting to rust and basically everything was shot.

In 2015, I happened to see a Colnago CLX3 on sale and thought it was time to get an upgrade in equipment to try to boost my performance.

So this was how I ended up with the current love of my life.

How did your love for bikes come about?
I have been a sporty person since boyhood. I got my first bike 10 years ago. I still remember that it was a GT Avalanche 1.0. I rode it every day to work. Soon, I realised I needed something faster to fulfil my need for speed.
Therefore I sold it and bought my very first road bike and I eventually used it to train and completed a number of Ironman and ultra endurance races!

Share a cycling memory:
I love to ride becauseā€¦
.. it is a way to connect people around the world! Although riders may not speak the same language, our bikes offer us a common interest with which we bond over.
I have made so many friends while on my bike, both locally and internationally!

Cycling also allows me to see the world based on my own 2 legs and at my own pace, and I can travel to anywhere my heart desires.

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A note from Team
We've known Lawrence over the years, and trust us when we say his stories and photos can fill a book... or two! At the time of writing this piece, Lawrence is putting in a superhuman effort to finish the 1001 Miglia Italia, and last we heard he's about halfway in. Check out his Facebook account if you want to see how he's doing! Cheers, Lawrence!