Bicycl Featured Rider: Luke Foo

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This week we feature Luke Foo, well-known for his love of GOKISO wheels.

Words & Photos: Luke Foo

Name: Luke Foo

Lives: Singapore

Dream Bike: Colnago V1-R and Canyon Aeroad CF SLX

Favorite local ride: Seletar loop

My current cycling goal is...

My goal is to keep fit and reach the targets that I set out to achieve. Also having fun along the way with all my cycling buddies.

When I am on the bike...
I am in my own world, it’s the bike, the road and me.

How did your love for bikes come about?
Loved cycling since young. Got started when my dad initiated me to learn cycling. It was when I got my 1st bike, a BMX that I truly was into cycling. From there on there was no looking back.

Share a cycling memory:
My 1st 100km ride I would say is my most memorable. It was a big group of people with lots of excitement along the way. Punctures, jokes, food and friendship. Also it was the 1st time I rode pass the 100km mark. 104km on 27th March 2015 to be exact. Never had I rode that distance before, moreover my last ride on a road bike was 23 years ago. From there, I never looked back. Keep riding and enjoy the ride.

I love to ride because…
Riding gives me the freedom to be free on the road with the wind blowing across my face and a change in environment with every kilometer moved. It is also a good way to keep myself fit and give myself a challenge from time to time to achieve my personal targets that I set for myself.

Riding also provides me with an environment to de-stress and clears my mind to get myself ready for another work day.

Thanks Luke for sharing your story! Well done on the 100km after not riding for 23 years, that's fantastic!

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