Bicycl Featured Rider: Marcin Majocha

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This week we feature Marcin Majocha from Poland who rides a Reynolds Tandem bike. His photos of cycling in Poland are amazing and inspiring.

Words & Photos: Marcin Majocha

Name: Marcin Majocha

Lives: Bielsko-Biała, Poland

Dream bike: Hard to say, I love my current Tandem bike with Reynolds 531 tubes. Great bike for riding with my wife ;)

Favourite local ride „Żar” mountain is my favourtie place for ride. Clean air, beautiful landscape, I like also Wapienica Valley it is very close to the city and always quiet for traffic.

My current cycling goal is to keep my body and mind healthy. But also to repeat the journey to Santiago de Compostela

When I'm on the bike I feel the freedom and pleasure on long trips. This is a moment for reflection, a time which helps me forget about problems; My own way to de-stress. It is also my job. I work as a bicycle mechanic and I've been selling bikes for 5 years. It is very important to check all bikes before selling, so it is also enjoyable if you like it.

How did your love for bikes come about? I love cycling since I got my first bike. If you add bike to my "restless soul" you have a ready-traveler. Since I can remember, I have always wanted to travel and visit interesting places. The bike is suitable for that perfectly. I've made few trips in Poland and Europe. It was always a big challenge to my weakness and fear.

Share a cycling memory When I was riding a bicycle from Poland to Spain (by Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, France, along Spain to Santiago de Compostela) I cycled almost 150 km per day. The trip lasted 25 days, during which I had a lot of interesting situations. However, the most fascinating thing was the friendly attitude of inhabitants to cyclists. They usually offer me a vacant room and were sharing meals for stories from the trip. I met many helpful people and I saw many interesting places.

I love to ride because Well I'm addicted to cycling. I love old racing & touring bikes, old MTB and tandem bikes. I've sold many bikes and I always try to check any bike before selling. Sometimes it is very difficult when a bike is small for me. If it would be possible to stay with all the old bikes in my store, it could probably be a great bike museum for future generation. I believe that it is great idea as old bikes have a soul.

I had many bikes made by Colnago, Koga Miyata, Peugeot, Motobecane company and many others. I made two small galleries with 60 bikes which was bought in 2015/14 in Poland but most of those bikes are already sold. Please check it on this links:

Thank You for reading and best regards from Poland!

What a fantastic story, Marcin. Thank you for sharing your story. We wonder how you got around the broken road as shown in one of your photos - truly interesting.

Stay tuned for next Friday's Featured Rider.