Bicycl Featured Rider - Roger Tan

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This week, we feature Roger Tan, our Singapore Urban Explorer winner in the previous Bicycl contest.

Words & Photos: Roger Tan

Name: Roger Tan
Live: East side
Dream Bike: Coast Cycles JUGGERNAUT 20” Fatbike

Favorite local ride: Tern Link P9 & Tyrell CX

My current cycling goal is… Hopefully I can hit 300-400km per mth

When I am on the bike… I usually just ride aimlessly, no target route. Just ride where the bike brings me to, and it sure get me to somewhere I haven’t ventured. My motto: Have Road, Just Ride.

How did your love for bikes come about? In 2012, I told myself that I need to pick up a sport. Something that I can do as and when I want. Only sport that came to my mind was Cycling. Took the plunge and got myself a 2nd hand tiptop condition Tern Link P9 Foldable Bike and never looked back.

Share a cycling memory: Good ones are usually the time that I can ride my bike, alone, or with friends etc. Bad ones, mostly bad cabbie driver who tries to play punk with cyclists.
Driving very close to us, endangering our life.. If you are one of them reading this: YOU OWN THE CAR, NOT THE ROAD

I love to ride because… I can explore and take photos of different part of Singapore on my bike which 4 wheelers and 2 legged can’t bring us there. Who says Singapore is boring! Get your lazy a$$ up and start exploring.

Thanks Roger for your insights!

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