Bicycl : Our Team

Michael ONG

Michael started cycling with a family Dahon folding bicycle and later a no brand steel mountain bike. He took a break during his work and got back riding on a Tokyobike Sports in 2011.

With his recent move to his new favourite a Cervelo R3 and a Trek 520 Touring Bike, he loves to travel and cycle. During his travels, he has cycled in 7 countries and chat with many cycling enthusiasts about how they share stories. At Bicycl, he takes charge of delivering a good user experience on the product and travels frequently to cycle.


Andre received his first bicycle on his 6th birthday, a Silver Diomondback BMX and playing with bikes until he was 12 years old. In 2011 Fixie bike become trend in Jakarta - Indonesia, and he start building one, using VISP frame he build a Fixie for commuting. He did this for only 6 months as the streets in Jakarta are not friendly enough to cycle.

Andre now rides a Cannondale CAAD 8 2012 for exercise once a week. He is also founder and CEO of MobileForce a leading Creative Technology Production Agency in Indonesia joining to become Technology suport. Andre has been working in various digital projects including mobile and digital marketing strategy consultant also Lean Startup Asia Pacific Alumni 2013

Andre TAN

Andre started cycling when he received his first bicycle on his 9th birthday. His passion for bicycles and cycling grew during his days in design school,when he wanted to get a road bike but could not afford a new bike. So he got a vintage road bike from a flea market and began to restore it. Soon after having the satisfaction of restoring, he began to collect, customise and restore the various many types of bicycle.

With his passion for beautiful bicycles, he hope to share the love for bicycles and its journey with anyone thru

Tony TEO

A trip to the doctor confirmed Tony’s need to reduce some weight. A bad knee made regular jogging a no no and hence his love affair with cycling was ignited. A birthday present of a road bike from his dear wife started his cycling journey and now he cycles with cyclists of all sorts; roadies, foldables and mountain bikes.

Photo taking on every ride is always on the agenda. With the Bicycl app, cyclists would be able to compost, compile and share their riding expeditions.

Lisa Matthews

Lisa started cycling after being enabled by her Ironman husband. Her house has 4 bikes (2TT, 2 roadie -) and a Thule Chariot to pull the baby along. She named her Polygon, Beast, after the beast that it is. She has signed up for a triathlon this August 2016 and will conquer her fears of open water swimming (she has to or the sharks will have a great feast!).

She's the Community Manager for Bicycl Asia, ping her 'Hello' on any social media channels or on Bicycl Asia page.