Bicycl Profile: Bike with Elena

We were introduced to Bike with Elena by Jeffrey Lim from KL Cycling Project on a recent trip. Thanks to Sin, our tour guide, we had a chance to discover some unique spots in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and even cycled in the city centre!

Words and Photos by: Elena, Sin & Peter

What inspired you to start Bike with Elena?

Elena: I wanted a group of passionate cyclists to show what is best from their home town. From small alleyway eateries to places of interests only discovered by cycling. To offer something different than the conventional walking tours. Discovering a place by cycling resembles a choice, something different and a challenge in our society. We used to be a cycling nation but because of the rapid changes our city and rural towns have gone through, we forgotten the culture of cycling. I like to think of Robert Frost’s poem, “As two roads diverged, I took the one less travelled by and that has made all the difference.”

How would you describe the business?

Elena: The business is a labour of love-something one enjoys doing, passionate about and hopefully sustainable. I like to think of it as something different, some unexpected discovery and a challenge.

Sin: A business cum a passion for cycling and to share by showing places to visit.

Peter: Workable ideal with great potential but that required a team of passionate cyclist cum license guides to be successful.

Can you tell us more about this simplicity and beauty of Bike with Elena?

Peter: Cycling always provide the sense of freedom that allowed you to explored and discovered wonderful little corner in town with ease but difficult on foot or driving a vehicle.

Elena: As long as you can ride a bicycle, we will lead you to discover yourself the joy and beauty of sightseeing by cycling. It is hassle free and easy going.

What do you personally ride?

Elena: As a leisure cyclists, I don’t require highly sophisticated nor specialised bicycle. Hence, my hybrid or foldie is sufficient and decent to satisfy my cycling cravings.

Sin: ride mostly folding bikes with a flexibility to take alternate transports when necessary & a portable bike for oversea usage.

Peter: Love riding my touring bike but I’m seriously considering purchasing or riding a foldie while cycling in Kuala Lumpur.

What’s your favorite cycling route?

Elena: Broga-Mantin

Sin: Dataran – Mid Valley Bicycle Path

Peter: In Selangor: Puchong -Kampung Bukit Cheeding Outside Selangor: Kuantan to Kota Baru

What’s a typical day like for you?

Elena: I start my day riding to the early morning market for breakfast. Have coffee and later write little ideas and thoughts on my notebook. I run errands with my bicycle and discover new routes with it.

Sin: I take out the bike out to run errands while learning new & interesting routes in the city.

Peter: Riding my bike early morning for breakfast and evening on Pasar Malam night.

What’s some of the most unique stories you’ve heard from your users?

Sin: They like seeing places and food in KL.

Peter: Our diverse culture and fantastic hawker food.

Elena: Melting pot of culture and awesome hawker food!

What are some of the challenges you faced with Bike with Elena?

Elena: The business is still in her infant stage. We are still looking for a passionate dedicated team. With the team, I am hoping more people could step up to lead while I can concentrate to develop more potential routes and tie up with other local sights and potential food spots.

Sin: Yet to actually try it out.

What’s next for the business now?

Sin: It is still at early stage, have to test it out.

Peter: Need - Great team, great route with knowledgeable history for storytelling and lots of unique hawker street food.

Elena: To sell a simple product that by cycling, one chose the road less taken, and it made all the difference in the way we view the world we live in.

Thank you Elena, Sin & Peter for sharing about your story. Do check them out at:

Bike with Elena

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