Bringing Bicycl to Cyclists #RideYourStory

Bicycl is a community for cyclists from all over the world to share stories about their rides. Through our stories, we hope to connect cyclists to new experiences and discover the best routes for their next adventure.

For most of us in the Bicycl group, we found our passion for cycling at a very young age and had fond memories of racing at the parks and playgrounds with friends. However, like many individuals, the passion of cycling dwindled as our lives get more complicated as we grow older but we are all glad that somehow this passion returned at some point later in our lives, again!

It's now been a year since we started the idea of Bicycl and four months since we launched the public version of our iOS app and recently welcomed our latest members from the Android app as we ended 2015.

In our journey, we have understood the strengths and limitations of our team better as we work towards strengthening the service for our community and working closer with partners to share more about Bicycl.

Meeting and reading about cyclists from countries such as United States, Taiwan, Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia in Bicycl has provided us with the firm belief that taking the time to chat and most importantly cycle opens us to new experiences and a more meaningful conversation with friends and work.

I'm excited to work with the team and continue to cycle in new countries in 2016!

Michael ONG

Michael loves to travel and cycle. He has cycled in 7 countries and chat with many cycling enthusiasts about how they share stories. At Bicycl, he is the Product Guy.