Brooks Cambium C13 Racing Saddle - 817km Review

When news that Brooks was working on a new racing saddle after their launch of the Cambium range two years ago, Michael had been checking in on the news of its arrival. Brooks started testing the C13 in limited quantities and we anxiously awaited it to be released.

"Hi Michael, C13 is now available at our store!", Rivets Singapore, 31st Jan 2016

I quickly replied wanting a set and thankfully managed to get hold of it in the Rivets store on the same day!

Photography - Michael Ong and Dillon Lim
Michael’s saddle - Purchased 31st Jan 2016 - rode 817 km


The new C13 saddle utilises the same vulcanised natural rubber and organic cotton top of the Cambium line, yet weighs150g less than the popular C15 model. This is accomplished through a continuous carbon rail that eliminates performance-resistant contact points and saves weight.

Finished with aluminium rivets in all black, the C13 is the first in a new lightweight Cambium range from which various new models will follow. It was even tested in the Arenberg Forest by David Millar.


Out of the box, the saddle is a beauty to hold. Comparing to my 2 year old Cambium C15 on the right, you can see the dark slate color is a better fit for most road bikes. The box is minimalistic and shows the scene from David Millar’s test of the saddle. When you first hold the saddle, you can feel how light and well constructed it is. The saddle rails are made of braided carbon to decrease weight.


I’ve been riding the Cervelo R3 with it’s stock Fizik Antares saddle for over 8000km in a variety of ride distances. The one thing that has always bugged me is that about 100km into a ride, I tend to get quite uncomfortable on the Antares saddle. With the Cambium C13, it flexes remarkably well into the ride and in a recent 188 km ride, I didn’t adjust much during the entire ride. From short spins to long distance rides, the saddle is a great comfort and requires no break-in period unlike most of Brooks leather saddles.

Where to buy

Brooks SG MY is the distributor for Brooks England in Singapore and Malaysia

Rivets is the first Brooks Concept Store in Singapore
38 Haji Lane (1st floor), Singapore 189231
Tel : +65 6299 5048


The Cambium C13 looks and feels great on my bike and its a great feeling the moment you start to pedal. For those who wished they had a more stylish option for saddles on their bikes, look no further!



Length 275 mm
Width 132 mm
Height 55 mm
Weight 259 g

9mm Oval Carbon Rail may require seatpost adapter

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