A look at the Cycliq Fly12

This review is written by Paddy. If you're looking for an honest feedback on the latest Cycliq Fly12, look no further.

Words and photography: Paddy Tan

Having backed the Fly6 and using it on most of my rides, I was confident that the Fly12 will be another awesome product by the very people who cycle themselves. I wasn’t disappointed at all when all 5 of them arrived at my place, despite a year long of waiting.

The delivery date was marred by some manufacturing challenges but the founders do update the backers and this gave me the assurance that this will not be a non-deliverable product.


The packaging is nothing to shout about with the accessories; cable, bolts and nuts. What’s interesting is the unit itself felt rather heavy, which is unexpected but its with good reason as it contains one of the better camera and light with a powerful battery to fuel the ride of about a good 10 hours of cycling. After taking it out from the box, the unit is pretty easy to setup as the instructions given are very clear.

Mobile App

What's disappointing is that the unit currently supports only the iOS mobile app (at the point of writing this review and upon receiving the Cycliq Fly12), as the Android version is still in development. But even without the app, you can still read the unit via their USB cable to your laptop (I am using a Macbook Air).

It gave me quick access to it like an external hard disk drive. Honestly, it would have been better if the Android is ready for a more complete experience overall but I believe the wait won’t be too long. Here's the link to request for the app: https://cycliq.freshdesk.com/support/discussions/topics/5000065336


It comes with only 2 buttons on the rear end, ON/OFF and the control of the lighting which takes some practice to get used to. This is especially so if you like to fiddle with it while cycling but for me, it is a simple, "press and go" until the entire ride is over.

As for the unit, the design is really awesome, with silver lines next to each other creating a premium outlook. It's definitely one of the nicer looking front light and probably camera combo too in the market. Flatter than a GoPro, it doesn't look so cumbersome when placed on the handlebar.


Mounting the Fly12 to the handlebar may need some planning as it can take up a fair bit of space if you have other accessories sharing the same space. For example, my cables are arranged properly but it still need some handling to ensure that the view is not blocked too when placed underneath the handlebar instead of on the top.

I decided to just park it in-between the cables underneath the handlebar instead as it gives me quicker access from my left hand’s thumb if needed but to date, I rarely change any settings while out cycling.

To mount it, there is a clipper that you can place over the bar and tighten it appropriately with the little lock that comes with it. Just insert the holder and align it with the lock placed between both to securely fasten them together.


The battery life is really good and it can last easily 2 - 3 rides depending on the distance covered and the time taken. My experience has been good covering 100km under 5 hours and since the ‘rhythm’ of the lights can be adjusted accordingly, you can figure out how long the battery will last after a period of usage.

The front facing 1080p action camera and 400 lumen light combination makes this a monster! The quality of the video on both day and night is acceptable to me. I am not a very particular person of having an excellent quality as I use this mainly more for its light and safety feature. I don’t even view the video after the ride unless something uneventful happened which I hope will never happen to any of my friends and myself.

One of the most common feedback is that the light is too powerful by the peers especially if I am the sweeper. Sometimes, they think that it is an oncoming car and it does make them feel uncomfortable, that is until they realise it is some clown with his new lights + camera device.

If you are on strava, you will love the work done by the gang here where the unit integrates perfectly to this paid service. You can just overlay your starve metrics on the video using the mobile app. Which at this moment, I can’t do so since I am an Android user (OnePlus2). I have seen it in action and it is a really amazing UX experience.

Another good thing about the CycliqFly12 is the tramlines and map overlay. These guys literally spoil owners like us with such nifty features that make cycling safer. Just add tramlines over the video to show the distance between yourself and where motorised vehicles should be.

As for incident protection technology, well I love it but I doubt I will use it but it is a feature that is useful to some.

Where to buy

You can buy it online here: https://www.cycliq.com/products/fly12


For the price of 499 USD, it is not a cheap purchase but it is one of the better ones in the market. I would highly recommend to have some form of camera to take video when out riding as there has been more accidents on the road and claims against cyclists. Fly12 will be a good addition to the accessories that you have and with a great combo of powerful lights and camera, this should be the first thing you put on before going out on your rides.

Be safe and lets practise keeping safe distance from each other and share the road together.


Video Resolution

1920 x 1080 @ 45 fps
1920 x 1080 @ 30 fps
1280 x 720 @ 60 fps
1280 x 720 @ 30 fps
Video File Type: MP4
Encoding: h.264
Sensor Viewing Angle: Ultra Wide File Sizes: 5 Minute Files up to 750MB (1080@45fps)

Internal Microphone
Compression: 48KHz Samping Rate, AAC Compression, Auto Gain Control

Weight & Size
8.6oz / 244g
H: 2in / 51mm
L: 4in / 103.7mm
W: 2.3in / 60.9mm

Solid, Flashing, Pulse and Studio

Charging Capacity: 4400mAh
Voltage 3.7v
Up to 10 Hours Run Time

Weather Proofing
Nano Technology

Dimming Settings
High, Medium, Low and Off

16GB Class 10 microSD Card Included (Supports up to 64GB)

Light Output
Up to 400 Lumen
Beam Length: up to 78ft / 24m

Bluetooth: 4.0 BLE
WiFi Streaming: 802.11 bgn

Charging: MicroUSB(USB2.0)
Connection: MicroUSB(USB2.0)
Memory: MicroSD

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