Featured Rider: Adrian Koh

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The Bicycl Featured Rider could be a friend, a stranger you often meet during your cycling session or maybe even a professional cyclist. They share Bicycl's passion for cycling. To them, nothing else is as fun as riding on two-wheels.

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Name: Adrian Koh

Lives: On the Edge. Okay I live in Singapore.

Dream Bike: I’m riding it! A custom frame made by The Bikesmith, a locally based bike shop.

Favorite local ride: Hard to pick a favourite, but I’d pick the Gardens by the Bay, just for the good memories there.

My current cycling goal is.. Shed some excess weight, get a bit more power.

When I am on the bike… I’m free.

How did your love for bikes come about? I was cycling for a while, mostly on hybrids or foldies. One day I mustered up the courage to get a road bike, and rode at the OCBC cycling event. That event did it for me.

Share a cycling memory: My wife and I (together with good friends) climbed Wuling mountain in Taiwan a few years ago, reaching over 3,000m in the air. We did the final 20km ascent only due to time, but even that short segment was really tough! The view was breath-taking. When I hit the summit, the support vehicle was about 30mins away, and a bunch of kind Taiwanese huddled around me to keep me warm. Some of them took my picture too!

I love to ride because… of the exhilaration, coupled with the friendship of people who are as passionate about cycling as I am.

Thanks Adrian! The Taiwanese sure looked like they are enjoying taking the photos with you. Everyone is heavily clothed but you, no wonder the photo ;) Props for the amazing effort!

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