Featured Rider: Ah Tak

Who is the Bicycl Featured Rider?

The Bicycl Featured Rider could be a friend, a stranger you often meet during your cycling session or maybe even a professional cyclist. They share Bicycl's passion for cycling. To them, nothing else is as fun as riding on two wheels.

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Name: Ah Tak

Dream Bike: Cannondale CAAD10

Favorite Local Ride: Cycle almost the whole of Singapore 19 January 2015

How did your love for bikes come about: It started off in 2013 when i was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure and needed to be on medication. I decided to do something about it after on medication for 1 month and start to cycle on my own for 1 year before realising there are actually cycling groups in Singapore. I joined a group in the North but the group wasn’t so active, so I decided to start one with a few kakis and the love for cycling kicked off.

My current cycling goal is: Get Fitter, Ride Faster, Go Further

What's the ultimate cycling challenge you've ever done: 400Km in a single ride in Singapore

Share a cycling memory: Cycling continuously 4 Round Island in a single ride

I love to ride because: Of making friends. I get to know a lot of nice people and everyone get together to do a common thing we love.

Thanks Ah Tak! It's amazing the bounce you had from being medically unfit to a beast on the bike - 4 round islands! KUDOS!

Stay tuned for more interesting cyclists sharing their cycling journey next week.