Featured Rider: Anna

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The Bicycl Featured Rider could be a friend, a stranger you often meet during your cycling session or maybe even a professional cyclist. They share Bicycl's passion for cycling. To them, nothing else is as fun as riding on two wheels.

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Name: Anna

Lives: Northern Part of Singapore

Dream Bike: One bike is never enough for any bike lovers. I adore the brand CINELLI and the CINELLI XCR is my dream stainless steel bike. My current bike could be a dream bike come true too as I have always wanted to own a road bike since young.

Favorite local ride: I don't have any favorite cycling ride as it's all wonderful to me. I especially love being able to cycle with close friends and making new friends.

My current cycling goal is to be on a cycling tour enjoying the scenery with great company.

What's the ultimate cycling challenge you've ever done: To date, my longest ride is 128km cycling the annual cycling event by NTUBikeRally. Although I participated in the 88km challenge, its the overall distance to and fro. I completed the ride with my buddy as we encouraged one another along the way.

How did your love for bikes come about?
I don't know how to cycle as a kid. I started learning cycling when in my teens however, after a bad fall from a rented Racing bike of the 90s (as they call it last time), I stopped for decades. I started cycling again just 2 years ago under the influence of my dad. My goal is just to exercise. It's like a total restart and a 'noob' experience for me. I have to start all over again learning to balance a bicycle.

I never know how to change gear so I bought a very easy 2-speed autogear Tern Swoop riding on PCN and on the pavement, enjoy exploring solely via PCN. I would drive and park at Punggol Waterway Park, unfold and cycle around the beautiful waterway PCN and end with a small ice cream as a treat.

My love for bicycles then grew, learning all the technical terms, reading enthusiastically on anything about bicycles and learning from fellow cyclists. Then, I came to realisation that I needed a better and faster bicycle to go longer distances. Eventually, I added on more foldies - Birdy fully mod, and a Tyrell FSX.

After just 2 years of cycling, from a bicycle 'noob', I can now use clipless pedal system.

My dream of owning a road bike aka Roadie finally came true. From all the various experiences and advice, I customized my 1st Roadie to my liking from paint work to components.

Cycling became an expensive hobby; buying good jersey, bibs, helmets, shoes, lights, gadgets, etc. However, there are no regrets into taking up cycling as a hobby. Great friends are made along the way.

Share a cycling memory:
Completing Rapha's Women 100 solo single lady with my other male cycling friends who came to support me during the gruesome last few kilometer.

I love to ride becauseā€¦ cycling is a form of low impact exercise. It bring me to places and allow me to meet up with various like-minded friends who enjoy cycling together. Cycling brings happiness.

Wow, thank you for sharing, Anna! We love that you went from completely not cycling to a bicycle badass! That's admirable!

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