Featured Rider: Glenn Sunkel

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Name: Glenn Sunkel

Dream Bike:

I really love the current Masi I ride, it's so much fun around town - maybe that bike but a couple of KG's lighter and with some new handlebars.

How did you come to your current bike set-up?

How does it work? Which bike? The one I ride the most is my Masi Speciale Fixed. It's approaching 9 years old now. I bought it for $900 at a closing down sale as a cheap option to ride around to friends places and commute on. Pretty much everything apart from the stem and forks have been replaced over the years. I tend to ride parts into the ground then look around for what is bullet proof and replace it with that. The current wheels are a simple Mavic cxp22 laced to a Suzue Max Pro Hub. Cranks are omnium track. The handle bars are off a mountain bike from 15 years ago.

What's the ultimate cycling challenge you've ever done:

A couple of different challenges - Riding a fixie from KL to Singapore was rather brutal and one of the most physical and emotionally toughest rides I have done.

My current cycling goal is...

Have been thinking about riding 300km fixed or maybe single speed, I don't really have a time frame for it, sometime in next year or so would be nice. I would also like to everest a hill somewhere - don't think that will be on the fixie though.

When I am on the bike...

I'm playful. Bikes are toys and meant for fun.

How did your love for bikes come about?

I used to run, but started getting shin splints and the doctor suggested to do some biking up hills. I bought a cheap mountain bike and some friends took me mountain biking and I haven't run since.

If you could cycle any route in the world tomorrow, where would you go?

Most likely Rotorua Redwoods - It's been a number of years since I have ridden there and the mountain bike tracks are amazing.

Share your best cycling memory:

There are a few:

  • First time riding downhill at Whistler, getting carted to the top of a mountain on a chair lift then letting gravity take you to the bottom - so much fun
  • Melbourne's Christmas Bike Polo Tournament 2015, I think I only won 1 game the whole tournament but had such great team mates and had so much fun. Plan to be back this year.
  • Riding dirty mountain bike into the water reservoir at the start of the Te Miro mountain bike trails

I love to ride becauseā€¦

I love hanging out with friends and having fun. It's not the ride but the people that you ride with that makes riding great.

Thanks Glenn and indeed, you're pretty fantastic to have rode up Frasers Hill in KL with just the Masi!

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