Featured Rider: Hasiff

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Name: Mohammad Hasiff Bin Che Awang

Lives: Kedah, Malaysia

Dream Bike: McLAREN(S-WORKS)

Favorite local ride: TRS SPARK

My current cycling goal is... mementingkan stamina dalam diri yang mantap kerana saya bermain dalam setiap sukan seperti bola sepak, futsal, badminton, ping pong dan sebagainya.

(Translation: Ensuring endless and constant stamina as I am involved in a lot of sports such as football, futsal, badminton, ping pong and more)

When I am on the bike... bermula pada tahun 2014
(Translation: I started cycling in 2014)

How did your love for bikes come about? semenjak saya menaiki pada waktu lapang sehingga saya mempunyai jadual untuk menaiki basikal. itu rasa cinta saya kepada basikal bermula.

(Translation: Started a hobby to pass time and eventually, I made time and scheduled regular rides. These rides made me fall in love with cycling)

Share a cycling memory: saya pernah melanggar kenderaan bermotor akibat kesilapan teknikal basikal. saya dalam kelajuan dalam 80/km tengah speed basikal dan brek saya rosak. mengalami kederaan teruk tangan belah kanan.

(Translation: I hit a moving vehicle due to a technical error in my bike; I was riding at 80/km with a broken bike breaking system. It was a painful and terrible accident that seriously injured my right hand)

I love to ride becauseā€¦ basikal boleh pisahkan saya dengan dunia yang tertekan akibat kerja-kerja belum selesai dan ianya lancar ke mana sahaja.

(Translation: Cycling makes everything from work to life that's stressful to become a little bit more breathe-easy and stress-free. It's also easy for me to go anywhere on a bicycle)

Thank you Hasiff for sharing with us your experience. We are glad you are back cycling despite the serious accident!.

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