Featured Rider: Kelly Cheng

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Name: Kelly Cheng

Lives: Jurong, Singapore

Dream Bike: Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 WMN Team CSR

Best Hill Climb:

Initially, I was apprehensive about riding in Bintan, as many had feedback that it is one of the most challenging terrain in this region, especially the notorious “dragon back” (endless climbs) portion of the mountain. With that in mind, I am determined to train harder and be prepared for the trip.

During one of the climb practices at Jurong hill, I had a fall and suffered from a chipped off front tooth. The physical pain was bearable but the fall had affected me psychologically. As a result, whenever I approached steeper up hills in Bintan, I would have flash back of the bad experience of the fall earlier. In order to overcome the fear, I pushed myself to preserve knowing that this is a great opportunity to do it and come out stronger.

Thus, this hill climb was the best as I managed to overcome my self-doubt and fear and I am glad that I made it with much satisfaction. I am also thankful to have cycled with experienced cyclists and learnt plenty of hills climbing techniques from them.

What's the ultimate cycling challenge you've ever done:

In March 2016, my friends and I joined an organized 2 days cycling trip from Singapore to Malacca, which totaling a distance of 245km. On the first day, we cycled 160km from Singapore to Batu Pahat under the hot scorching sun which was extremely physically and mentally demanding. The ride seems endless and coupled with the heat wave we experienced, on few occasions, the thought of giving up during the ride surfaced.

However, I am very inspired to see many older riders who are much senior than me went on without complaints. That spurred me to persevere and I am glad that I managed to complete the ride.

My current cycling goal is…

To be able to ride down a steep and bending road at no. 300 Pasir Panjang Road. The last time I rode up, I was too fearful to ride down due to the steep gradient. In the end, I removed my cycling shoes and walked down. “What a shame!” I thought, but I am determined to conquer this milestone in the near future.

When I am on the bike

I feel carefree! It is wonderful to feel the wind caressing my face while cycling. I also feel young again and enjoy every ride I had.

How did your love for bikes come about?

I started cycling after PSLE examination when my dad bought me a mountain bike, I cycled almost everyday with my friends in the neighbourhood. The time spent cycling was fun as we explored places and even learned stunts on the bike. Subsequently school work caught up with me and I stopped cycling.

The love had rekindled sometime at the end of 2014, when I bought a foldable bike after seeing friends posted their adventures with their bikes on Facebook. I noticed that I was actually smiling to myself while riding on the new bike on the way home. I felt like a child again and the new found excitement is simply beyond words can describe.

If you could cycle any route in the world tomorrow, where would you go?

I dream to go round Taiwan as many of my friends have done it. That will be my next milestone, and preferably either in spring or autumn where the weather is cooler that would make the ride even more enjoyable.

I love to ride because..

Riding is very convenient. The fun literally begins when you set foot on the pedals. You can have a planned journey or just followed where your heart leads you to.

I’m able to see more when I travel on two wheels as compared to four. Travelling in the car is too fast and walking is too slow, but riding around on the bike is just about the right pace.

I enjoy the peace when cycling alone, it gives me plenty of time and space to think or I can simply enjoy the scenery. I also like the fun and bonding when cycling with friends. We constantly keep a lookout for each other while on the road and venture different places together. There are no barriers amongst my cycling friends; be it our age, races or nationality. Everyone come together with a common objective – pedal on and enjoy! The camaraderie we forged is priceless.

Cycling also keeps me from being a couch potato and outdoor exercising had limit my time spent on hand devices unnecessary, I like the healthier life style I am leading now.

Cycling is a fantastic sport, I would not hesitant to introduce and encourage anyone to pick it up.

Kelly, thank you so much for sharing your deep and valuable insight. We admire your spirit, tenacity and determination!

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