ICYMI: Bicycl's June Roundup

We bring you June's roundup in case you missed it:

Product Review

The team brought out the 360 degree cam for some good laugh in May's Car Free Sunday in Singapore and did a review of in in June. Find out if this is worth purchasing

Read more: http://www.bicycl.asia/story/detail/865-review-giroptic-360cam

Featured Business Profile

We love meeting people who cycle, what more running a bicycle renting business? Meet Otter.sg, founded by university graduates from Singapore.

Read more: http://www.bicycl.asia/story/detail/880-bicycl-profile-otter

Featured Riders of June

  1. Meet Ah Tak and his big heart. He cycles a lot and often does charity through sports.

Find out more about him here: http://www.bicycl.asia/story/detail/857-featured-rider-ah-tak

  1. We admire women cyclists and especially so when they conquer hills and more. Meet Kelly, a cyclist full of tenacity and spirit.

Find out more about her here: http://www.bicycl.asia/story/detail/868-featured-rider-kelly

  1. Hailing all the way from California, meet Justin, a triathlete who cycles often and supply us with amazing stories of his cycling journey in the app.

Find out more about him here: http://www.bicycl.asia/story/detail/882-featured-rider-justin