ICYMI: Bicycl's May Roundup

We bring you May's roundup in case you missed it:

What's New With Bicycl App

We released a great update after hearing what the community wanted! In this release, we squashed some bugs (hurrah!), allowed for changing for profile photo (selfie time!) and included options to edit photos, save drafts and more. Excellent if you're a perfectionist who needs to make sure your story-telling ace it!

Read more: http://bicycl.asia/story/detail/707-whats-new-ios-version-14

Product Reviews

In the market to look for a nice leather saddle? Here's a good review to consider the Brooks

Read more: http://bicycl.asia/story/detail/740-review-brooks-cambium-c13

Looking to take photos on the go and especially so on the bike? Here's a good review of the HTC Re.

Read more: http://bicycl.asia/story/detail/795-review-htc-re

We love this idea of a light and camera as well. The Cycliq Fly12 caught our attention and naturally, we HAD to review it as well.

Read more: http://bicycl.asia/story/detail/836-review-cycliq-fly12-

Bicycl Featured Riders

Meet our featured riders:

Adrian Koh: http://bicycl.asia/story/detail/839-featured-rider-adrian-koh

Glenn Sunkel: http://bicycl.asia/story/detail/797-featured-rider-glenn-sunkel

Marcin Majocha: http://bicycl.asia/story/detail/746-featured-rider-marcin-majocha

Luke Foo: http://bicycl.asia/story/detail/717-featured-rider-luke-foo

Contest Announcement

Congratulations to Ah Tak, our #MakanRides winner!

Read more: http://bicycl.asia/story/detail/715-makanrides-winner