Review: GOKISO Road Wheels

Luke Foo, one of Bicycl's active community member shares with us his review on the famous GOKISO road wheels.

Word & Photography: Luke Foo


I purchased the GOKISO Road wheels after being introduced to it by the distributor and all I can say is that the wheels are fantastic. It’s very smooth when I spin the wheels. The price got me hesitant at first; almost S$5,000 and to wait a few months for its arrival, was real a bitter pill to swallow.

I made the purchase on impulse when I found out the distributor had a set coming – lucky me! On the collection day, I felt like a kid leaving the toy store – so excited over my new toy.

Yes, it’s a good wheelset, but I had a lot of worries; it will be a very painful experience if this does not match to my expectation. Nevertheless, after 2 days of bad weather, the opportunity finally came. I took my bike out and made my way to the Seletar loop.


At the first few strokes on the crank, I can feel the difference in its performance. The bike was very eager to move off as compared to my previous wheelset.

First test was the slope on Jalan Kayu. The slope required strengths to climb but on the GOKISO wheels, it felt smooth and I did not use too much energy as compared to the older wheels I had.


At the loop, the downs were faster and it rolled longer. At the climbs, I was able to maintain a better speed. Usually at the first climb, the speed would have dropped from 35kmh to 25kmh at the top, however this time it only dropped to 31kmh. That is a 4kmh difference plus a gain in 6kmh over the old wheel!

At the flat sections, hitting 43kmh was a breeze and maintaining at 36kmh is much easier. After 2 hammer loops, it felt like I have only just completed 1 loop! I did not feel as tired as the previous times.

With an overall weight increase of 0.5kg, I did expect a slower time and more energy usage, but I was wrong. It felt good and the timing maintained. I have been using the GOKISO wheels to ride a few times on the round island route and after the ride, I generally don’t feel as tired.

Where to buy

Bikes n Bites (exclusive distributor)
3791 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-08 E-Centre@Redhill, 159471
Phone:6469 9964


It is not the best aero wheels but the entry-level hub exceeded a lot of the other top brands ceramic wheels. Overall it is a very efficient wheelset. It is fast because with the same level of power, a higher speed can be attained. Running at the same speed, you feel much lesser fatigue.

Excellent rotation performance: Only 0.5g Force is needed to push the wheels forward.

You will be impressed to see the wheels keep rotating "forever" with the least input. The hub structure, the materials and the configuration are the features original to GOKISO that our engineer sought every possibility in a bicycle hub from zero. The best rotation performance which can handle 100kg of load and 300km/h; this is what GOKISO have achieved and this is a commitment for the absolute rotation smoothness. In addition, GOKISO's shock-absorbing mechanism gives such a light and smooth ride as you would be flying in the air.

It is an investment but the satisfaction is guaranteed and it’s an excellent pair of wheels.


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